Friday, 10 April 2015

The Berlin Schatzkammer (Treasure Room).

I thought Alex would really like this was a room in the basement of the Berlin Museum of Communications. It was very dark and had a series of circular cases, each one only had one object in it and the light only came on as you approached it. The objects all had interesting stories .. my favourite two were some slightly burnt letters from the Hindenburg and Joseph Beuy's Tin can telephone. I did a rather rushed drawing in my notebook...but it might help you imagine the room.
It worked to help you really concentrate on the object in front of you and not be distracted by other things or were stood in the dark with this object and its story.
I looked up the meaning of SCHATZKAMMER:-

"Schatzkammer is a German word which translates as Treasure Room, and is a term also used in English for the collection of treasures, especially those in precious metals and jewels, of a ruler or other collector, kept in a secure room, often in the basement of a palace or castle. It also often included the wider types of object typical of the Renaissance cabinet of curiosities."

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At 10 April 2015 at 02:15 , Blogger Alex W said...

The cases look like giant baked bean tins. Perhaps I am saying that after you mention Beuys' piece. I like the word Schatzkammer too. Were the stories of the objects on labels? And did you still have an amazing experience of the objects on their own even if you didn't read its story?

At 10 April 2015 at 03:08 , Blogger hazel said...

They were a bit like giant tin cans..I did consider setting up a model out of toilet rolls. The story was on a card in German and English..not a lot of information to let your imagination take over, especially with the Hindenburg letters.


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