Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Power of the seemingly insignificant object.

I felt I needed to include this in our blog It was reported in the Metro on Wednesday 24th June...I am not interested in the.."are they naughty boys?"  arguement.. not sure why they picked theses things up...who knows?
I am just amazed at the power objects which at first glance seem to be rubbish, a bit of a broken comb, 2 randon buttons and I am not sure what the other object is? How do they suddenly become part of the story of a place and become precious, despite being left to lie in the mud?
But of course they do,  the object becomes charged with the place and the story...something I have been pondering. The party popper string from the special occasion...the pencil you passed your A level exam with....the dried flower from your wedding day.


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