Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Start off how I mean to go on.....doing a weekly update.

I have been thinking about this idea of things of the least for a long time....so it seems fitting to make my first post on the blog feature one of the objects in the Mary Greg collection that can fit into that catergory and also one that I have been making a holder for recently.
My workbench earlier today..with Alex's document

Start of 10 Candle holders

Image of Mary Greg Candles from MAG Flickr site

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

First meeting

Hazel Jones and Alex Woodall
Hazel Jones and Alex Woodall

Here we are on Wednesday 12 November in the cafe at Manchester School of Art at our very exciting planning meeting for 'Things of the Least'. Having worked together for about 7 years on different projects in Manchester and in Leicester, we are really looking forward to another collaboration, which builds on our very different but interlocking creative practice and research. Watch this space to find out more!