Friday, 27 March 2015

The Importance of Time and Sketchbooks

I hadn't realised, until I was looking at my favourited ( is there such a word?) photos on Flickr, that I had taken influence from these alphabet discs in the Mary Greg Collection...they have long been one of the finds we made which I have really liked...but it wasn't until I stopped thinking about them, that I ended up making  the Pocket Party Popper Card Disc Holders. Which you can see looks very similar.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Indian reflections

I spent some time in India in January and February, doing a research project about how people engage with objects in museums, thinking about the object itself, trying to seeing what it might be that objects in museums actually do, and how we might research this. We were based in the wonderful City Palace Museum in Jaipur, working with the National Museum Institute in New Delhi in a partnership funded by the British Academy and UKIERI with the School of Museum Studies in Leicester where I am based. There's a blog about it called Things Unbound. I thought I would have time to think about Things of the Least while I was there, and do some drawings in my lovely notebook that Hazel made me for exactly that, and collect some things, but it was busy and crazy, and I didn't. Alas. I did collect a lot of things, so perhaps they will surface on here in due course... And I am going back to India again, so I can only hope that I'll do some drawing then.

What the whole experience did do (amongst many other amazing things), was give me a whole new understanding of what 'things of the least' might be, and how people have different perspectives of what is a thing of the least. A thing of the least for me, might be a thing of the most for you.

At the Education Centre, Kathputli Nagar, Jaipur, India
We went to an amazing education centre in one of the poorest slums in Jaipur, Kathputli Nagar in Jaipur. Just one room, no bigger than my tiny front room for 25 children to learn English, taught by our friend Rakesh (second left) and the inspirational teacher standing next to me.

The people we met were absolutely wonderful: warm, friendly, hospitable, and for me it was the most powerful demonstration of how education really does transform lives. Rakesh himself had learnt English for only three years, and was no working as the swimming pool attendant in the hotel we stayed in briefly, but in his 'spare time' was now teaching and giving back to his community in the Education centre.

It was truly inspirational and in many ways life changing, giving me a new perspective on the big wide world. And the things that are really needed there are for us things of the least - pencils and paper... Things which we take for granted, and which we use all the time even to do this project. What if we didn't have them? It made me think about Hazel's pencil stub holders in a totally new way.

I am trying to work out a way to get some things of the least out to Jaipur and will post again on here when I know how this might work.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

dAfT IdEAS I Am Going to Do AnYWay.

On Sunday I had one of those days in the workshop, when you think.."I am not sure where this idea fits in but I fancy making it and see where it goes.."
So I made some test /prototype
"Handy Pocket Chalk For Instant Pavement Messaging With Button Hole Attachment"
I really like long names for small things....this name was influenced by the Terrys  Roller Bearing Pocket Letter Clip" as can be seen on my  A1 Scrap Metal blog

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Postcard from the Wellcome Collection

"Lead Mortuary Crosses" from the Wellcome Collection.
The Mary Greg Collection also had one of these on a wooden board, with a note saying it was from the time of the Black Death.
We popped in the Wellcome Collection on our way back from Brighton, I used to visit this amazing collection when I was at the RCA, as it was above the science museum,  I do love looking at the objects, but I don"t really like thinking what many of the tools were used for.

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Saturday, 7 March 2015

New work so far.......

Record of recent work.
3 Emergency Joke Capsules

Party Popper Card Disc Holders

Party Popper Card Disc Holders

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Emergency Joke Capsules

Made three more joke capsules. drew out the jokes before sealing them in.

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